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Billy the Celloist plays Bach at the local coffee shop - his job. I suggested that he record the Bach Suites at home. A couple of days later this CD arrived of Billy playing Bach and other things. As you can hear for yourselves, it's very interesting and beautiful playing; the phrasing, the rhythmic suppleness and buoyancy, the aliveness and humanness of Billy's playing are meaningful and compelling. And swinging. Reminding me a little, in a way, of Buell Neidlinger's great bass playing, it is like telling a story, sounding improvised on the spot. Thanks, Billy.
- Peter Serkin

1. A. Honneger: Paduana
2. D. Gabrielli: Ricercar primo
3 - 5. D. Galli: Tre Gigi
6-11. J.S. Bach: Suite 1
12. J.S. Bach: Suite 5 Courante
13. J.S. Bach Suite 2 Sarabande
14. H. Nichols: Lady Sings The Blues
15 - 16. H. Cowell: Gravely and Vigourously, In memorium JFK
17. J. Garcia: Ripple


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